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The USS Antares works their hardest every year to host the 10-Forward bar during RadCon. This is our pride and joy because it allows us to set up a venue at our local Scifi Convention. Here we get to immerse the public into the world of Star Trek while simultaneously raising funds for several charities throughout the year. Our bar area is decorated in a space-theme, so you feel you are aboard a fleet vessel. Our Holodeck area is “programed” to reflect RadCon’s theme for the year (2024 is Witches, Warlocks, and Wizards). There are also non-alcoholic drinks available at the bar. Plus sodas and snacks to enjoy at our snack table. Must be 21 to enter. Come and enjoy a Romulan Ale and help give back to the community, everybody wins at 10-Forward! 10-Forward at RadCon is held at the Red Lion Inn, Pasco, WA, February 16-17th, 2024, and runs from 5PM-1AM.

Charities we work with include Toys for Tots, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners through 2nd Harvest, Coats for Kids, school supply drives, and domestic violence shelters, just to name a few. A large portion of our proceeds are also donated to the Ronald McDonald Foundation, which helps children and their families lighten their burden by covering their hospital stay medical bills. These funds get routed to the nearest Children’s Hospital, located in Spokane, WA.

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Beam up to 10-FORWARD. Come enjoy mixed drinks (non-alcoholic versions available too) in our space-themed 10-FORWARD BAR. Sit in our Holodeck lounge to immerse yourself in this year's RadCon theme Witches, Warlocks and Wizards! Sodas and Snacks are available to buy here too.
Feb 16-17 | 5PM-1AM | Room 2211


"What Is STARFLEET?" is a panel consisting of STARFLEET members from a local chapter, the USS Antares, to answer all your questions! See what “STARFLEET,” an international Star Trek fan club is all about. 
Feb 17th | Noon | Design Room


Come and test your knowledge of STAR TREK with our trivia event! Hosted by the USS Antares, a local chapter of STARFLEET. Will you take home the prize for having the biggest Spock brain? 
Feb 17 | 1PM | Design Room

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