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The USS Antares of R5 would like to extend a language-learning challenge to all SFI members to learn Klingon through Duolingo during the month of October. This free site uses very small bite-sized lessons that take about 15 min each in a very fun and simple format (LITERALLY 15 min of your day- that’s it). Send in your weekly score, and have fun! That's it!! link to the Duolingo website.

Complete as many lessons as you like, whenever you wish! Squeeze a lesson in whenever it’s right for your schedule; lunch break, before bed, in the bathroom with the door locked (just don’t tell us that part). Points earned during the month of October will be sent in weekly, and will compete between affiliations such as Fleet, SFMC, SO, Chapters, Regions, etc. If you have already learned Klingon then this should be a breeze for you! Are you ready to chuH tlhInganpu'? Qapla'!

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1.) Overview

The challenge will run from October 1 - 31. Your current total score will be sent in weekly, by a person your chapter appoints every Monday in October. Your Final scores for the month will also be sent in Nov 1st. All entries will assume a starting score of zero. If you are starting with points already in your account please email your starting score on Oct 1 for a starting point to be fair, if you do not wish to reset your score to zero.

2.) Entry

Details provided for each entry will include:

Name / SSC / Chapter / Affiliations / Score.

Name: CMDR Worf Smith | SCC: 112233 |
Chapter: USS Battleaxe | Affiliations: Fleet, SFMC, SFM, SO, Petfleet | Score: 26xp.

3.) Duolingo

Registering for a FREE account on Duolingo is necessary, and don’t worry this is 100% free of charge. At no point will you be required to purchase any addons at any time for this challenge. Any purchases is the choice of the individual and is NOT required for success of this contest. Progress does transfer between the phone app and the website, so choose which platform works best for you that day!

4.) Current Users

If you have already started a Klingon course in Duolingo, we recommend you reset the language course and start at 0 xp. This will allow you to gain points easily and re-learn everything you have forgotten (if you are anything like me, it will seem like a new experience). If you do not wish to reset your course, please send in your starting score as of October 1, on day 1, so we can figure out how much was earned only during the month of October. Scores can be found in your profile page, then by clicking on the language flags.

5.) Bonus Points

Bonus 5 points for each Klingon STARFLEET Academy courses completed during or before October can be added to your score! Please send copy of certificate or your database screenshot. Courses Include: KWA 101, KWA 102, KWA 103, KWA 104, KWA 201, KWA 202, KWA 301-304, CSME 105a, HOFL 104.

6.) Awards

Awards will be given to the top score for region, chapter, and individuals.

This is a great opportunity to learn something new, have fun, and compete for Klingon Glory!

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